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Bobology - Learning to Thrive in a Digital World

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bobology Newsletter - Tech Term of the Week

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What is Advanced Search on Google?What is Advanced Search on Google?
Advanced search is a built-in feature of Google (and most search websites) which allows a user to specify additional requirements for a search. When used for searching the Web, an advanced search gives additional information to Google, which helps refine the search. . . . keep reading

Three Months with Apple WatchThree Months with Apple Watch
Apple Watch is a computer on your wrist. For those of you who remember Dick Tracy's two-way wrist radio, it's now a reality, and you can make and receive phone calls and more on your wrist with this device. I've owned my Apple Watch for three months and thought I would share my experience and what I've found the Apple Watch can and can't do for a user. . . . keep reading

What is a Smartphone Gyroscope?What is a Smartphone Gyroscope?
A smartphone gyroscope is an electronic circuit contained within smartphones that provides information about the orientation of the smartphone in three-dimensional space. Apps use the data to perform functions on the smartphone such as rotating the screen and apply gesture commands like the shake gesture (used to undo typing). . . . keep reading

What is Reddit?What is Reddit?
Reddit is a source of what's popular on the Internet. It's a website where registered users can submit text information or a link to a website and vote on any listing published by another Reddit user. Allowing users to vote and publish text and links on the website, . . . keep reading

What is a Software Driver?What is a Software Driver?
A software driver is a type of software program that controls a hardware device. On any computer, smartphone, tablet, different hardware components that are part of the computer and attached devices need to communicate with each other for a computer to function and work. . . . keep reading