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Bobology - Learning to Thrive in a Digital World

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bobology Newsletter - Tech Term of the Week

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What is Spyware?What is Spyware?
Spyware is any software technology that collects information about the owner of that device without the owners knowledge or to otherwise gain control over the device. Spyware has been in existence for nearly as long as personal computers have existed. Various computer hacking groups and individuals create spyware who seek to gain . . . keep reading

What is a Locked Phone?What is a Locked Phone?
A locked phone is any phone that has software installed to prevent the phone owner from using the phone with any other carrier's network than the carrier that originally sold the phone. The terms locked and unlocked usually apply to cellular phones, not land lines, since cellular companies sell their phones with a contract for cellular service that often . . . keep reading

What is a Facebook Check In?What is a Facebook Check In?
A Check In allows you to share your physical location with your friends on Facebook by using the Facebook app. It's always fun to connect with friends in different ways, and that is exactly what the Check In feature allows you to do. From your smartphone, you can alert your friends and . . . keep reading

What is a Bookmark?What is a Bookmark?
A bookmark is an Internet browser feature used to mark web pages for quick, easy future reference. It is accessible on all browser types, including, but not limited to, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox. On Internet Explorer, bookmarks are called Favorites. . . . keep reading

What is Battery Life?What is Battery Life?
Battery Life means the amount of time your mobile device's battery will last on a single charge. The term "battery life" comes from the importance that people put on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Since all portable devices use internal batteries, it's important when using them to know how long a single charge will . . . keep reading