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Bobology - Learning to Thrive in a Digital World

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bobology Newsletter - Tech Term of the Week

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What is an App Store?What is an App Store?
An app store is a resource on the Internet that allows software applications, also known as apps, to be downloaded and installed on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or another device. While Apple, Microsoft, Google, and other companies include many applications with their different operating systems, the availability of apps developed by other people . . . keep reading

What is an MMO?What is an MMO?
MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online, and it is a type of video game or social game that allows multiple players from anywhere in the world to meet and play together in a virtual environment in real time. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, and it is the most common form of MMO. When you see the term . . . keep reading

What is Image Stabilization?What is Image Stabilization?
Image Stabilization removes blurring from pictures caused by camera movement, for example, when a hand shakes while taking a picture. It is a feature found in most smartphones and digital cameras that result in sharper, clearer pictures by reducing the blurriness caused when taking a picture. It's why many professionals use a tripod to hold the camera steady. . . . keep reading

What is an Auto-Responder?What is an Auto-Responder?
An auto-responder is a computer program that automatically sends a pre-written message in response to a person's inquiry. It's usually used with email lists in order to send a confirmation message or scheduled email after a person signs up for a subscription or makes a purchase on any website. . . . keep reading

What is Spyware?What is Spyware?
Spyware is any software technology that collects information about the owner of that device without the owners knowledge or to otherwise gain control over the device. Spyware has been in existence for nearly as long as personal computers have existed. Various computer hacking groups and individuals create spyware who seek to gain . . . keep reading