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Bobology - Learning to Thrive in a Digital World

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bobology Newsletter - Tech Term of the Week

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What is CAPTCHA?What is CAPTCHA?
CAPTCHA is an acronym for the phrase "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart." If you've ever filled out a form on a website you've probably seen a place where you're required to enter some letters or numbers that appear in a picture. That's CAPTCHA, since only a human can read the characters. . . . keep reading

What is Browser Cache?What is Browser Cache?
Browser Cache refers to the files from a webpage that are stored locally on a computer or other device. Cache is a term that refers to an area of memory that makes information available for quick access by a computer or software program. Just like the squirrels in the . . . keep reading

What is NFC (Near Field Communications)?What is NFC (Near Field Communications)?
NFC, the abbreviation for Near Field Communications, is a technology that allows you to transfer data wirelessly between two devices. Like WiFi and Bluetooth, it's one more type of wireless communication standard that allows communication between any two devices that . . . keep reading

What is Authentication?What is Authentication?
Authentication is how someone (often a website) verifies you are who you say you are, also known as your "identity." The basic idea goes back thousands of years -- any time a sentry said, "Halt! Who goes there?" he was taking the first step of authentication. Websites use . . . keep reading

What is a Download?What is a Download?
A download is a file you can acquire from a computer on a network and save to your local computer or device. Moving a file is called downloading, which refers to the process of moving a file from a networked computer to your local device. . . . keep reading