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Bob Cohen

Bobology is Web site that helps you learn and use technology for fun and profit, in language you can understand. 

With technology changing our personal, professional, and business lives, this site helps you with access to articles, how-to instruction, downloadable content, presentations, discussions, and more. The site has resources for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users of technology, for both personal and business use.

Here's a few comments from students and members:

"my app is finished and has been on the app store for three days. I've even sold a few to people all over the world. I am somewhat amazed. Most of my sales are in the US, but I have a sale in Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany and the UK. I know the app store has a universal reach but I did not expect to have any sales outside the US, at least not at first. S. C.

"finally started to understand how Facebook will help my business" R.V.

"Just wanted to let you know that I figured it out and my app is now live on iTunes and on Google Play.
Thanks so much for your introduction. You got me going." M.F.

"I'm not afraid to try new apps now on my iPad" S.T.

"Bob explained things in terms I could understand so now I feel more confident using my computer" L.T.

The bobology site is a technology "go-to" place, where you can find answers and ask questions about almost any topic that involves computers and the Web. With so much information, it's hard to keep up, and bobology will help you find the answers to the most common technical questions, and help you learn how to become smarter, and more self-sufficient in using and applying technology, whether it's for personal or business use.

I created this site, it's based on my classroom training where I teach adults, professionals, and businesses how to keep up with and use technology. I currently teach over 200 classes a year at over 20 California Community Colleges, adult education organizations, and corporations on a wide range of technology topics.

The number one question I hear from students is "how do YOU keep up with technology and the changes?"

I think I'm lucky, in a way. I always had an interest in technology since I was a kid and was what you'd call a geek in today's language. I built electronic kits, learned how to do research, before there was online content, and always took an interest in new and interesting things. I never had much patience for staying focused on one thing too long though. As a result, I became someone who know a little, about a lot of things technical. I found a job where educating customers was considered a "marketing" role, and became a content marketer for most of my career. Being in the tech industry in marketing, product management, and owning several companies helps me keep up, but it's just a natural interest I seem to have.

With technology changing so rapidly, and becoming an unavoidable part of our personal and professional lives, this Web site offers a place to learn about Web applications, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Personal Computing, Mobile phones, Tablets and more in a convenient way. All based on the the easy-to-understand approach I use for students who take my live classes, and for them to keep up to date on changes.

I hope you'll consider becoming a member, since that's the best way to get the most out of the site, and you'll get access to the exclusive member discussion forum where I answer questions from members on all types of technology topics.

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