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Bobology - Learning to Thrive in a Digital World

Technology explained by Bob Cohen.

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Taking and Editing Great Pictures with iPhones and iPads

Bob Cohen

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Tech Term of the Week
6 Things to Know about Emoji and Emoticons6 Things to Know about Emoji and Emoticons
Emojis are images used in text-based communication that express an idea or concept, and emoticons are characters or images that express an emotion. You've probably seen the smiley face emoticon ? used in messages. . . . keep reading

Buying Ready-Made Apps on App Marketplaces
Buying Ready-Made Apps on App Marketplaces Are you looking to purchase a ready-made app? If so, consider looking at two new web marketplaces for complete iOS and Android apps. Apptopia and Chupamobile are two marketplaces that function as brokers for app buyers and sellers. . . . keep reading
Community College and Adult Education Contacts and Links
Community College and Adult Education Contacts and Links Here's a list of contact information and links to schools and venues that offer classes by Bob Cohen. . . . keep reading
How to Update to iOS 7
How to Update to iOS 7 Updating from iOS 5 to iOS 7 might take about from an hour up to two hours, so plan for this. You'll need to be connected to a WiFi network, and usually you need ot have your device plugged in to a power outlet. You won't be able to use your iPhone or iPad while its updating. . . . keep reading

What Are Devices?
What Are Devices? A device is a computer that simply isn't a personal computer. It includes a CPU, memory, and a way for a person to use the device. A device can do many, if not all, of the things a personal computer can do because it is a computer by any other name. It's called a device because it just doesn't have the traditional case, monitor, keyboard, and mouse we often associate with a personal computer. In a way, devices are to computers what breeds are to dogs. . . . keep reading

What is a Social Network?
What is a Social Network? A Social Network is any online community of people or organizations who join the community, connect with other users, and share content and updates with the community. Most people know Social Networks by their names, which include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and are the among the most popular Social Networks. After teaching classes since 2007 on Social Networking (also known as Social Media), I've determined that all of them have three characteristics in common. . . . keep reading

Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review
Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review This week in my one-app-a-week iPhone/iPad class I do locally at the Los Alamitos Recreation Center I brought in my new Logitech UE Bluetooth Speaker. . . . keep reading
What is the Timeline on Facebook?
Introduced in 2011, Facebook's Timeline feature can best be thought of as your 'all about me' page. It combines the information on your profile with the things you've posted, the public messages your friends . . . keep reading
What Happens When You Click Like on Facebook?
What Happens When You Click Like on Facebook? You may have noticed Facebook's ubiquitous thumbs-up image on news sites, blogs, stores, and countless other websites that seem to have nothing to do with Facebook. You're being asked to "Like" a page, but in practical terms, what actually happens when you click that button? . . . keep reading
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