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What is a Multicore Processor?
What is a Multicore Processor? A multi-core processor is a single processor chip that has more than one processor on a single chip contained in a single package. A processor sometmies referred to as a "core," is a circuit . . . keep reading

What is a Lithium-ion Battery?
What is a Lithium-ion Battery? Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the type of rechargeable battery commonly used in electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, Bluetooth devices and other personal electronics. They are . . . keep reading

What is a Geofence?
What is a Geofence? A geofence is an invisible fence created with wireless electronic signals. By using the Global Positioning System (GPS) an area can be marked using latitude and longitude coordinates. . . . keep reading

What is a Web Crawler?
What is a Web Crawler? A web crawler is a software program that automatically discovers and scans web sites by following one web page to another. Search sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing use crawlers to . . . keep reading

What is HDMI?
What is HDMI? HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a standard for connecting video and audio signals using a single cable from one electronic device. Using a single HDMI cable, a video, and audio signal can be sent from one device, such as a DVD player, to another device using HDMI like a television set. Since HDMI is an industry standard, consumers can purchase any device with HDMI and connect it to another device that uses the HDMI connection. . . . keep reading

What is a Macro?
What is a Macro? A macro is a set of commands and instructions that grouped together and performed as a single command in a computer program. Macros are usually mentioned when they are used in Microsoft Office programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. In these programs, it's possible to perform many functions with a keystroke such as speeding up editing and formatting or automating a series of complex tasks that would take many keystrokes to perform. . . . keep reading

What is an Ad Blocker?
What is an Ad Blocker? An ad blocker is a software application that blocks advertisements from appearing on web pages. Ad blockers are available for desktop web browsers and with Apple's release of version 9.0 of iOS for iPhones and iPads, Apple now allows the installation of ad blocker apps to block ads from appearing when using the built-in Safari web browser. . . . keep reading

What are Stock Photos?
What are Stock Photos? A stock photo is a photo purchased from a photo library for use in a graphic design, publication, website or other publication or reproduction. The photo library is usually an online service that maintains a searchable inventory of photos on a variety of topics and subjects. Stock photos save time and cost compared to a custom photo, so they are . . . keep reading

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