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How Much Storage Do You Need on a Smartphone?
How Much Storage Do You Need on a Smartphone? Deciding how much storage space is necessary when you purchase a smartphone or tablet is a decision that can be confusing for many people. Understanding how your device uses memory can make it easier for you to buy the right amount of storage when you make any technology purchase, but it's . . . keep reading

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) If you've wanted a way to use the Internet privately, so no one else can see what websites you visit, what's in your emails, or what you chat about with friends, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be a potential solution. A VPN creates a private, secure communications channel on a public network like the Internet. VPN's use software to establish a private, secure connection between computers. Like a private conversation, on a VPN no one can listen in on what you're saying, or in the case of computers, sending, to each other. . . . keep reading

What are Keyboard Shortcuts?
What are Keyboard Shortcuts? Keyboard shortcuts are a practical method to enter instructions that might take multiple keystrokes or mouse clicks. A keyboard shortcut can also be used to replace a mouse command, which is useful when entering the shortcut is faster than moving your mouse arrow and clicking, as is often the case with laptop computers or when using a large screen display. . . . keep reading

What is an Accelerometer?
What is an Accelerometer? When you rotate your smartphone or tablet, and the screen flips, a small circuit called an accelerometer detects your movement and tells your smartphone to swivel the screen. Almost every smartphone has an accelerometer built-in which makes gestures like "shake" and apps like the level possible since your smartphone knows how fast it's moving and in what direction because of this useful electronic circuit. . . . keep reading

What is a Catfisher?
What is a Catfisher? A catfisher is an individual who uses the Internet, and in particular, online dating websites to lure people into a scam romance. The general goal of a catfisher is financial gain by developing an online relationship with another . . . keep reading

What are LEDs and LED Light Bulbs?
What are LEDs and LED Light Bulbs? Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, is a type of light source that produces light from a silicon wafer made up of two different materials. When an electrical . . . keep reading

What is Siri?
What is Siri? Siri is a software program from Apple that responds to voice commands to perform a variety of tasks on an iPhone or iPad. Apple describes Siri as an "intelligent personal assistant." . . . keep reading

What is a Phablet?
What is a Phablet? A phablet is a smartphone that has a screen size that's larger than a typical smartphone but smaller than a tablet. Unlike tablets, all phablets have a phone function and a phone number, . . . keep reading

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